ALTERED: a 2012 Honorable Mention, and a GIVEAWAY!

Hello all! Hope your holiday seasons have been going wonderfully! We’ve been hard at work in the bunker, creating playlists of remixed Christmas songs and working on our sequel to ALTERED (our super-clever working title: ALTERED…2). But we wanted to step outside for a moment (even though it’s about 32 degrees with howling winds and light snow where we are right now), because ALTERED was just given an honorable mention in a Top Ten list for 2012, courtesy of the lovely Libby Blog, one our fave book blogs! Thank you Ange and Rachel for giving us a mention! That brings us some Christmas cheer!

Speaking of which, since it’s the season and all, we’re offering an ALTERED giveaway! That’s right, free copies of ALTERED waiting for you to win them. Because nothing says Christmas like YA sci-fi (it’s true, we checked). All you need to do is head over to our Goodreads giveaway page and click to sign up for a chance to win a free copy of ALTERED!

Happy Holidays!

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