2016: The year of doing something


Most New Year’s resolutions are about what you are not going to do: what you’re not going to eat or drink, who you’re not going to let upset you, how you’re not going to sit in front of the TV all night (thanks a lot, Netflix!).

In our eyes, starting the year with a negative isn’t the best way to embrace all the potential that 2016 could bring. So we humbly suggest resolving to DO something… to create something in 2016.

How many times have you listened to a song, watched a movie, read a book, looked at a painting or craft and thought, I could do that? Or at least… I want to do that. Well… stop thinking it and start doing it. Make 2016 all about making something.

You’ve got an idea for a novel that you constantly daydream about? Start taking notes. Write a story based on one of the characters. Or just jump in and start at Chapter One and don’t stop until you hit The End.

Just write. That’s all being a writer really is. It’s being someone who writes.

Pick up that guitar you haven’t touched in years and start laying some chords down. If you have to start at the beginning, take a few classes and go from there. It’s easy to find a teacher or class online or at your local music store. Sign up.


Turn on your video camera during your lunch break and start acting out scenes. Find your setting, your light, and most importantly, your muse. Seriously: if you’re an actor, don’t wait to get chosen anymore; choose yourself and write yourself a scene and put it online.

Pull out your paintbrushes or glue gun and start making something out of nothing.

The only thing we don’t endorse for 2016 is letting anything stop you. Keep at it. Let your work shift and change as it needs to; let it help you find your path to something that brings you joy and shows you what you are capable of.

It’s not about awards, money or recognition. It’s about feeding and nurturing that creative side of you that is unlike anyone else.

Resolve to make 2016 a year filled with taking creative risks, not being afraid to make mistakes, getting out of your comfort zone and embracing that creative genius you keep locked away (not literally; if you have an actual creative genius locked away, probably best to make them a nice cup of tea and then let them go).

To everyone’s creative genius, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

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