ALTERED gets its first Goodreads review!

Well, we’re quite shy and retiring normally, but we just wanted to share some good news with you… ALTERED got its first review posted on Goodreads, with a full five stars! It’s always lovely to hear nice things about your writing — you spend so much time in isolation as a writer, so making this kind of connection means a huge amount — and we’re very grateful to this reviewer.

Here’s an excerpt:

Sci-fi is not my usual genre of choice but, this novel is so compelling I was totally engrossed from page one. It has characters you care about, an interesting plot that never goes beyond the understanding of the reader and as that last page turns, you want to yell, “When is the next edition to the series?!”

Awww thank you!! (BTW you can find ALTERED and that review on Goodreads here)

As it happens, the next edition of the series is on its way! We’ve got the flip charts, colored pens, index cards… lots of names and scenes and arrows all over the place connecting them… The first few chapters are IN, and we’re having a BLAST writing them!

So, better get back to it!